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Soad A. Kader

buscando el abrazo buscando el abrazo (in search of the embrace) is a series of small format monotypes* mostly in black and white which focus on an embraced dancing couple viewed from overhead… see and feel the nuances of movement and connection of an embrace in motion. Through an embrace (abrazo) we can feel our partners, feel our own emotions, feel our body, feel the music, feel the movement, and feel a connection all which we hope to respond to or express each time we come together and step out onto the dance floor. Dancing tango requires complete presence with, connection to, and trust in one’s partner. The process of learning this sensual, improvisational dance reveals layers of metaphor for life, relationships, intimacy. *Monotypes are one-of-a-kind hand made prints made by drawing or painting on a non-absorbent surface and then transferring the image onto a sheet of paper.

About Soad A. Kader

I always want to be by the window. I love looking out - seeing and feeling different types of space, especially the change of perspective like looking down from a rooftop or from an airplane. I enjoy the ambiguity and call to look more closely, to delight in the details and abstract qualities of the moment. Noticing colors, lines, shapes, character of light or movement allowing me to linger, imagine, and connect. My work explores how point of view and quality of attention affects what and how we see, feel, and understand about our world.

I grew up with my Egyptian Muslim father and my Basque-Italian-American Catholic mother, first in Egypt, and then in California. The mix they created by coming together continues to inform my identity and influence my perspectives and explorations. Navigating nuances of cultural, racial and religious identities as an eight year old newly arrived in the United States was challenging. I dreaded the question “What are you?” or responding to my name at roll call. I wanted to belong. I asked my parents, “Can I change my name to Susan?” Thankfully they said no. Becoming comfortable with my multi-mixed heritage identities and experiences navigating outside the boxes gives me a unique vantage point and skillset to nurture a continual curiosity and openness for varied and multiple perspectives and ways of connecting and belonging to this wild wonderful world.

Find out more about her and her work here:

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