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'positional asphyxia’ 

pattern.png attack on 'civil society’?  

that would be the knee on my neck


...problem is, 

no one called for reinforcements when 

your partner's knee closed up my air supply!

calling on the National Guard is

just bringing a larger knee!

why didn’t they call national guard on police?

looks like abdication to me

someone gave up caring about safety


so now, 


got another name for what 


didn’t do to george floyd.

now we can suspend disbelief 

that all of us witnessed 

a recorded, "inappropriate restraining technique”. 

a choke hold (held for too long), 

a lynching (that would be gravity's fault), 

a fucking murder (by uniform) and 

'they' say GEORGE FLOYD 

didn’t die from 'positional asphyxia’… 

that George Floyd 

died of underlying health issues. 





i can think of two 

underlying 'health issues’ 

that many of us 

already live with 

and many of us 

already die from. 



George Floyd was born with

too much melanin in his armor 

(considered a disability in this amerikakaka). 



George Floyd choked to death 

on the acid and bile rising in his throat, 

mixed with 

fear, hate and racism 

blocking his windpipe. 


i can’t breathe.


© 2020

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