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pointy hoods, and red ties


all that’s missing 

are the sheeted horses 

and burning crosses 

on the white house lawn,

while the GOP hegemony

want to take away

the only 'bone' amerikkkan history

ever threw to the Black survivors 

of the middle passage,

a voice in the governance by vote


an obscured ascendancy,

inhibited success 


partisan obfuscation,

and the barely disguised

racial indignity to the Black american,

who is truly african american,

trying to keep america great.


how many bridges

are now burning

because they were built

during bro prez 

eight year regime?


how many fingers

need to be stuck

in amerikkka’s eye 

because of bro prez

vision for amerikkka

to see that, 

‘yes, we can’?


how many mean-spirited bills

need to be passed before

judges start sending babies

back to the state-regulated womb

treating them like refugees

born in the wrong time?


your threat of a health care plan

weans the sick off the dream

of healing or recovering life

before dying how many times

over a shameless abuse of power?


what barren stall

will those 'other' babies

wait out their lives on hold,

as they grow old,

waiting for souls to die,

flesh withers off the bone,

starving and starved

for the life giving Spirit

and blood of community,

by the land of opportunity?


remember we are human and humane

before we are american and amer-arcane!

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